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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 02

Webcam play goes wrong and blackmail ensues.

When Divya went to the counter to pay, it was empty. She looked around. That's when a door behind the counter opened and Mehra came out with a wide smile on his face. He was holding a folded sheet of paper in his hand. "How much do I owe you?" she asked. "The question is, what do you owe me?" Mehra shamelessly leered at her and said. "Excuse me?" "Come into my office for a...

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The Girl in the Brothel Ch. 03

Thara arrives at Mereguilde Manor.

They were greeted at the door by a butler dressed smartly in a double breasted black waistcoat and salt-and-pepper trousers. His light brown hair was combed back and he bore a thin trace of a mustache under his nose. He looked utterly relieved to see Ardon. "Mr. Mereguilde," the butler said as they entered, their footsteps echoing loudly on the black and white marbled foyer, "Your early...

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Bobby, His Mum and His Sister Ch. 02

Bobby takes his chance and fucks his sister.

I expect these stories will end up copied and pasted on another site like my last ones did, right "Tom"? You talentless nerk. All characters engaged in sex are of legal age. * Robbert Ash -- "Bobby" had a confused initiation into sexual relations. Margaret, his mother had allowed him to fondle her breasts for a short while before stopping him. Being just 18 and intensely...

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Sally's Sexy Santa for Her Father

Virgin daughter gives her Father a special Xmas present.

It's the run-up to Christmas, I'm back home from Uni and doing my Christmas shopping, everything is sorted apart from what do I get for my Dad. Then I see something in a shop window that gives me an idea, but it's so out there, so wild, I can't believe I even thought of it. It's something I've been thinking about for a while now but not been able to bring about, I just don't know how to make...

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The Best Christmas Present Ever

Sister gives me the gift of a lifetime for Christmas.

All characters are above the age of 18 unless otherwise specified. *** The front door slammed shut and I was cut off from the bitter early-November chill. My eyes immediately darted to the clock on the kitchen wall. Half an hour till Mom got back from work. That was more than enough time. Life as a high-school senior was tough enough without the incessant horniness that...

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Innocent Divya's Degeneration Ch. 01

A small town Indian woman's marriage is arranged.

Prologue: This is the story of Divya, a typical Indian woman whose life changed rapidly and in unimaginable ways within a couple of years. Let me start at the beginning. Divya was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh in a conservative middle class household. From childhood, Divya was recognized as very good looking. She was fair-skinned, had thick straight hair, and had sharp features...

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Dara Fishes for a Husband Pt. 01

Thai fishes for a husband with a naughty story on the web.

_All sex is between people who are 18 or older. This could be listed as interracial (Thai and Korean) or first time (Chapter 2). It is not a romance, as love is not on stage. However, many in this world have arranged marriages where love grows. Dara is 18 years old, a Thai Muslim with long black hair, 5 foot 4, very skinny (underfed). Her breasts are deflated but would naturally be...

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First Time for Daddy's Girl

Young, Sissy CD's First Time with her Daddy.

I had been talking to him for a while now. This man. Daddy. Somehow the constant barrage of pornographic images and sissy hypnosis had taken a hold of me and brought me to the point where I had actually begun to develop a relationship with a man. I had never thought of myself as gay, or had thoughts about men. I was the typical A-student, moderately athletic, all-American guy that his fair...

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My best friend... my first time.

I first met Laura when I was 13 years old. She was new to the city, and lived just a few houses down from me. My parents, being the welcoming people they were, dragged me along to meet our new neighbors. A woman with long brown hair answered the door, and my parents introduced themselves. I was barely paying attention as the adults talked, upset that I had to stop playing my video games for this....

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Zophie's First Time

Zophie loses her virginity with her were-boyfriend.

I've been training in my dreams for about a week now. I have learned so many fun things to do in that time, it's just amazing. I'm itching to try some of it in the real world. Problem is I have a boyfriend. I can't set things right without explaining my mission to him. (and giving him first shot at my pussy.) I hope he understands, I really don't want to lose him. I wait until everyone's...

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The Dreaded Subway Train

Lizzy is molested in the subway station on her way home.

There is always a reason why I avoid the subway system. Whether it is the people, or the way that the underground smells, and how hollowed out everything looks, I can hardly stand it. Plus, I live in a bad side of town. Ever since puberty hit, I've been getting looks from everyone, friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, it annoys me to the point where I just want everyone to leave me...

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Ms. Jones's Revenge! Ch. 01

Ms. Jones plans and carries out her sexy revenge.

(The following takes place before the Nick and Ms. Jones storyline.) "It was a mistake coming here," Ms. Jones thought to herself as she scanned the gym's interior. Ms. Jones took a sip of punch and posted up against the table behind her. "I came to my reunion in the hopes of banging some of the studs I went to school with but all of them are taken," she thought while taking another...

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His Dark Knight Ch. 04

Zander's Christmas Party.

I want to start by giving a special shout out to those who have waited so long for the continuing of this story. And for those who continued to help and push me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. * Four days had passed since the incident in Zander's office. While things mostly seemed as normal as they could be, Rei was still unsettled. That day, he had fled from the scrutiny...

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Even If We're Not Related

She wanted to be a part of the family.

_Note: Some consensual incest, some dominance and control I suppose they felt that it was no one's business what happened within the Harrison household. Father and daughter/s, Brother and sisters, it was all good, just a natural sexual attraction between men and women that should not be denied. When I moved in with the Harrison's, over time I discovered and appreciated their secret and wanted...

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Dream Cruise Ch. 01: Arrival

The gay "Dream Cruise" staffed with beautiful guys.

I arrived at the docks excited and horny. I had been saving it for weeks in preparation for my special "Dream Cruise." This was more than just a typical gay cruise of men hooking up - this was the premium experience where the crew is the star of the show, and all yours to play with once you get to international waters. As I get in line to board, I see the first cute crew member. His nametag...

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Amelia's Descent

A young Lady's purity is compromised by her betrothed.

Lady Amelia of Warren was very similar to most ladies in her home and the surrounding lands: tight-lipped but amicable, quick-witted but reserved, lovely but plain. A stench of innate haughtiness and rose perfume followed them through the halls of the castle as they came and went from their studies and ate their tinkering little lunches in the blooming courtyard. It was a happy, simple life, and...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 04

She loses her virginity to her father.

My father is asleep beneath my body, but sleep will not come. It is too hard to be this close to his body and be unable to do anything with him. I have to move, since I want him to sleep peacefully. He may have tried to hide it, but I know he has not slept well in a long time and I'm glad I have helped him find a means to finally rest. I move myself carefully off his body and lay down on my...

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70's College Flashback Pt. 01-03

Carnal knowledge in college, 1976.

_Forward: The names in this story have been changed and a few inconsequential details regarding the town have been obscured to ensure anonymity. Writing this and reliving the memory is fun and I hope someone here finds enjoyment in reading it. I plan to write the second and final chapter soon and welcome any feedback or suggestions. The story won't change, but if I can make it more readable and...

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Collette's V Auction Fulfillment

Collette's has P in V sex for the first time.

Thursday morning I was so nervous, I couldn't masturbate. But, I was so excited about what was to come, I really, really wanted to. My virginity auction hit $930,000, and half would be mine by the end of the day. I didn't mind the other half going to the Club; after all, they were the reason this was an option in the first place. I had picked my de-virginizer (de-flowerer? Maidenhead removal...

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Golden Birthday Ch. 03

Father makes love to daughter.

I awaken from the most restful nap I've ever had with all of my memories intact. It is a little chilly and I don't need to open my eyes to know my daughter is no longer on top of my body. She is breathing deeply in her sleep and I know she is close to me. Inhaling deeply, I can smell so many wonderful odors, which causes me to lick my lips to taste the remnant she had left behind. I open my...

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Collette Goes Shopping in Vegas

Collette learns shopping can be fun.

"What would you like to drink? I gave my butler the night off, so that we might get to know one another without intrusion," Charles Winthrop walked around the edge of the suite's bar to tend. A bit older than a silver fox, but no less attractive. Steel eyes matched his hair. A real tan to contrast the fake persona he used to disarm me. Why did he do that? His presence both aroused and concerned...

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Mom's Pussy in the Shower

“It's just my pussy. Does it make your dick hard?"

This was the fourth time she had ever gotten a Brazilian wax in downtown Beverly Hills. She was going to travel overseas soon and a clean wax was essential. She enjoyed the moment of silence in the lobby. After a month of what felt like nonstop clients, silence was a relief. This was an expensive place, but she was always willing to pay top dollar for beauty regimens. The employee today...

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Lena's Shopping Trip

18 year old Lena meets a hot older guy and the fun begins.

It was a hot Thursday afternoon in the middle of August when Lena decided to stop by the mall for a quick shopping session. She praised her idea the moment she walked in—immediately feeling her nipples harden from the cold air blasting above her. She glanced down watching her nipples poke visibly through her thin white button down top. Lena wasn't fond of her catholic school uniform, but...

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Claire and the Frat Boys

How many guys can Claire handle at one go?

Claire probably shouldn't have gone to that frat party. But Sigma Tau was known for throwing good parties, with lots of alcohol and dancing, and as she began her junior year at Lehigh University she was relishing the sudden freedom of not having the pestiferous Sophie around as a permanent nanny or chaperone. It was one thing to be away from parents; it was another and much greater thing to be rid...

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Training the Apprentice

Wife helps with the training plan.

Steve, my husband, loves me to wear tarty, slutty things and recently bought me a sheer nightdress/teddy that looks like a French maids outfit...comes with a tiny thong and it's little more than some see through black nylon trimmed with white lace...Primark, a fiver...he added some hold ups and I got a very thorough fucking the first night I wore it for him...we joked about me wearing it to serve...

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Daddy's Little Fuck Doll

He made me. He raised me. He demands me—all of me.

There comes a point in every parent's life when their precious little angel finally becomes an adult. When your handsome son or beautiful daughter celebrates their 18th birthday, you as their guardian are filled with so much love and happiness, hugging and kissing your pride and joy who has just breeched adulthood. And that's happening to me—today! I have been so super excited for my 18th...

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Breeding Journal

Brittany begins documents her father breeding her.

December 19th, 2017 I don't recall my exact age first time I saw a pregnant woman but I remember it so vividly. She must have been fifteen months with how big her belly was. "Daddy, that woman is fat," I said tugging on my father's hand as we walked through the bread aisle in the grocery store. I think the woman heard me because she smirked. "She isn't fat, honey. She's pregnant," my...

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Doing Dory Ch. 01

Socially awkward Dory becomes a cheerleader.

"Oh my god! More! Do it!" Dory felt the heat of pure lust flash through her body. Mason was big, and his cock was pushing hard. Dory felt as if he was going to rip her cunt apart. "Don't stop. Please!" This was her first time-ever. She'd wanted this. She'd longed for this. But she'd always been afraid. Besides, she was a good girl. But not any longer. Now she was a cheerleader....

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Good Night, Kelly

Best friend takes Kelly on an unexpected adventure.

It was early Friday afternoon and Kelly was at home doing nothing. She had plenty of household chores that begged her attention, but it had been a strenuous week at work and all she wanted to do was ease back in her big arm chair, curled up under a warm blanket and watch a movie. A plan which she had full intention to execute if not for a knock at her door. Kelly was bothered by the...

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When Angels Cum Ch. 10

Blaze increases his teacher count. Finally some action!

Author's Note: Sorry guys, I've been sick for two weeks. Food Poisoning turned into a stomach infection which caused excruciating stomach spasms every ten minutes and lasted for 3 days. 'Twas hell. I think I got a glimpse of how it is to be pregnant. Guess its punishment for messing around with angels? Lol. However, this chapter is extra long so that should make up for the...

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