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Polyamory Ch. 07: Sex on the Beach

Debra and Hank have sex on the beach.

Chapter 7 "Sex on the Beach" We had finished our salads and talked out the question I raised, at least, as far as we could for now. Gladys took charge and said, "OK, Hank, you go get your bathing suit, bring your motorcycle and I'll help Debra get ready." So I put my clothes on, walked home, got my swimsuit and motorcycle gear. I still needed to get Debra something for her legs....

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A Dragon's Tale Ch. 05

You are cordially invited to... an ambush.

Much thanks to SleeperyJim for his outstanding work editing. * The ice cold water hit Ethan like... well, a bucket of ice cold water. "Get up boy!" a voice said. He snapped awake and leap out of bed. It took almost a second for him to get his bearings, and when he did he realized it was still dark outside. He had been sleeping in the trainee barracks of The Bank,...

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Polyamory Ch. 06: Three Make Love

Debra and Gladys make love to Hank.

Chapter 6 "Debra and Gladys Make Love to Hank" We walked to Gladys's apartment for lunch. As for me, we couldn't get there quick enough. The plan was to have salads and for Debra and me to go to the beach. At least, that was the plan I was aware of. As soon as we had closed the door, Gladys went to her bedroom and returned naked. I knew she liked being naked in her home because we had...

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The Reluctant Rose Pt. 02

Rose's night continues in unexpected ways...

Author's Note: This is part 2 of a series, I'd suggest reading the first part for context, but it's not strictly necessary. Enjoy! *** Rose lay on the hotel bed, limbs spread, nothing but a layer of clothing between her and the two men who were looking at her with hunger and anticipation in their eyes. Her breath was shallow her mind fogged with confusion and that damn drink that...

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Polyamory Ch. 04: Leaving Home

Debra leaves home moves in with Gladys.

Chapter 4 "Leaving Home" We knocked and Gladys answered and invited us in. "Hi, Debra, It's good to see you again," she said, looking her over, "And you look as darling in that dress as I remembered." Then she paused considering, "And the no bra look is sexy as hell. Way to go girl. I wish I could go braless, but mine are way too big. They'd look like two dogs fighting under a blanket,"...

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Family Business & Sexual Adventures

Brother's girlfriend takes his virginity.

"Baby, we getting together Saturday?" Jim asked his girlfriend Jan. "Sure. You got something in mind?" "Well, my brother has his eighteenth birthday. You know, he's kind of shy, not like me." "That's for sure. And ...?" "You like him don't you?" "Yeah, he's even better looking than you," she said with a smirk. "Of course, you're both studs. But he is rather shy."...

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The Blackmailed Graduates

Christian girls blackmailed into lesbian sex with a Satanist.

"If I could only go back in time and change that one moment," I thought to myself as I starred at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, "everything in life right now would be perfect." The dreaded moment I was referring to happened at my high school graduation ceremony. My best friend Jessica and I, who are both 18 years old and whom everybody assumed were perfectly straight (we're a little...

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Polyamory Ch. 03: First Time

Hank and Debra do 69.

Chapter 3 "Making Love-The First Time" Just before we turned down the street, Debra turned me to her and threw her arms around my neck and pulled her self up to kiss me wrapping her legs around me. We kissed like that with her squirming against me for so long I was getting so I didn't think I could stand much longer. Several cars passed and a few honked at us. One called out what seems...

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Polyamory Ch. 02: Doctor's Visit

Debra visits doctor, learns about her body and sex.

"Doctor's Visit" Next morning, I woke with incredible morning wood going on but decided not to do anything about it myself. If Debra didn't want to, no big deal. I'd make it. She showed up at 8:30 dressed as usual and began disrobing the minute she entered the house. Before I could say, "hello", she was naked not having worn any panties. "I guess we have to hurry to get to the doctors on...

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Julie's little brother will never know what she did, right?

Author's Note: Been awhile since I've posted a story, but seeing this piece fits the theme I figured why not enter it into the April Fool's day contest? I've written a lot of mom/son stories, but my personal kink as you will is brother sister, so I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Chapter One Lying by the pool, Julie felt like a cat in the sun, warm, lazy and...

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His dad turned him into a bastard, almost.

_Hi guys and gals. This one is MUCH different from my normal stuff. It includes anal, and slightly forced sex, so if you don't like that you might want to take a pass. While my doctor was working on getting my heart problem under control and my PC woes went on, I received a fan request for something way out of my comfort zone. I let that sit in my brain while everything else got sorted out, then...

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Polyamory Ch. 01: First Date

First date for Debra and Hank and first sex.

Chapter 1 "First Date" I received an email from Debra late in the afternoon. "Hi Hank, Thanks for lunch. I cleared Friday with the Dean who seemed quite pleased that I was going out. He even said, 'Debra, I hope you may find a way to spread your wings. You're too sweet and smart to be bound up like you've been. I want to hear how it goes, and I don't think there's a better person than...

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Polyamory Ch. 00: Prelude

College Prof meets extreme fundamentalist Virgin clerk.

My name is Hank Roberts, I'm a professor at Flagler College but what I teach is unimportant as far as this story is concerned. You'll learn about it later. I had been teaching a few years and living a bachelor's life despite having been married and having two sons from my previous marriage. This story begins one day when I went to the dean's office to discuss a student who was causing some...

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The Story of Ankita Pt. 02

Ankita enjoys her marital life.

Disclaimer: None of the characters involved in sex in the story are under 18 years of age. * It was a full forty eight hours after I had brought the newborn to my breast. She was still gathering strength in her jaws to suck on my nipples but she had improved a lot since her first time. Vijay was often a mute spectator while I was nursing. There was a thin doubt that had started to...

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The Dragonborn Comes Ch. 13

The Dragonborn shares his love with Solona.

Ferelden and the Frostbacks lay far below me. It was a reminder of flying a dragon in Skyrim. The only difference this time is that I had control of this dragon. If it chose to loop around, or fly upside down, I was fucked. So I smacked it in the head with the flat of my sword. "Get on the ground, you stupid fucking dragon." It just roared, trying to shake me off. I squeezed my thighs, hoping I'd...

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The MILF that Took My Cherry

Nerdy young guy has his first sexual experience with a MILF.

Growing up, I was a typical skinny, nerdy and insecure teen. I had access to porn magazines through friends, but my romantic experiences never got further than slow dancing at the senior prom. Now, I was a 19 year old who had just signed up for the Air Force, and taking advantage of a few weeks of freedom. As a high school graduation present, my parents had helped me buy an electric guitar, and I...

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Ashley's Prostitution Ventures #02

Ashley takes the virginity of her second client.

Author's Note: I appreciate all the feedback I received on the first installment of Ashley's Prostitution Ventures . I do need to clarify an issue regarding the structure of this series. I did not intend the first installment to be labeled as Ch. 01. The title I submitted was Ashley's Prostitution Ventures #1, _but it was changed when it was published. I am hopeful that for this second...

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Rescued by a Determined Woman

A woman rescues a man... for a price.

He was pleading when I first heard his voice. Did he really have to do this, he asked as his friends gathered round him. He was laughing, nervously, unconvincingly. They stood together in a pool of light from the streetlamp high above, the friends circling like scavengers. As they flocked and parted I caught fleeting glimpses of him through my car window, snapshots of the cruelty that...

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The Last Lesson

Will the last lesson be the one both have always dreamed of?

This is the last time. The last time she will sit in this chair, rest the cello between her thighs and play for her instructor. The instructor watches her tune the cello and start her scales just like she has done every week for the past 9 years. And every week, the same melody and the same outfit: the white blouse, blue button-down sweater, plaid skirt and knee-high socks of her school...

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Deflowering a Virgin Sister

Elder sis deflowered by degenerate younger bro.

Abdou and Seemi were expats in Malaysia, but the warmth and love showered by the Malaysian people made them feel as if it was their home. The brother and sister moved in here with their parents after their father was promoted to a new office in Malaysia's capital. Their house was in a busy street of Kuala Lumpur. It was a large house, given to them by their father's company where he worked as the...

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Marianne and Christopher

What Happens Right After Sense and Sensibility...

This is my imaginings of what happened right after Sense and Sensibility. My apologies to Miss Jane Austen. (I used the Emma Thompson movie version as my inspiration.) Please enjoy! * Marianne looked up at her new husband and felt the rise of pride in her bosom as he tossed another handful of golden coins into the sky. They rained down on the village children eliciting giggles...

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Finding a Perfect First Daddy Cock

A young college virgin's first time submitting to a daddy.

This is the true story of the time I lost my virginity to Mike, an older man I met on the internet. I will always remember my times with Mike. His cock was one of those rare, perfect cocks that you can always recall in your mind in a second, so every time we fucked was memorable. I hope you enjoy our first time as much as I did. * For as long as I can remember, I craved cock. And I...

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The Engineer

The story of how a woman with vaginismus is cured.

Walid graduated as a student in the engineering faculty at Cairo University and went to London for postgraduate studies where he did very well. He was headhunted by a very large company and found himself in a good position with a good income. The only thing missing in his life was a wife. He sent a message back to his family to try and find him a nice wife, preferably with a good dowry. The family...

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The Shower - Part Two

I got caught in the shower by the house sitter.

I thought about it all through the evening and figured things out or at least I had hoped so. I would make sure they were both coming for supper tomorrow and let nature take its course. Discussion would be open as everyone wanted the same thing and with the way Michelle was in the shower and the way Cindy was on our trip, I think it will all “slide” together nicely. But now, it was time for bed...

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A Sinful Season Ch. 01

An innocent debutante learns the value of a chaperone.

The Honorable Miss Olivia Henstridge, beloved only child of the inestimable Edward Henstridge, 8th Baron Henstridge, stalked imperiously through the echoing halls of Roseton Manor, her ancestral family home, pondering her hatred of weddings. Despite her relative youth (19 years old this past month), she considered her opinion on this matter quite authoritative, informed as it was by a...

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Extreme Big Brother - Day 08-09

Hotel fun with 4 new friends.

Thanks for everyone's patience! As always, all characters are over 18. * Day 8 continued. I wolfed down the food provided (a perfectly cooked steak) and waited around in the hotel suite, wondering what would happen. What did Big Brother mean by 'roommates'? I thought over the bizarreness of the past few weeks. I'd entered a reality TV show, called 'Big Brother...

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All the Fuss

Christi decides it's time to conquer her virginity.

Christi settled the bag slung over her shoulder into a more comfortable position and set out for town. She was in good spirits, even though she harbored no illusions about actually having the opportunity to sell her sword. She'd gained the confidence of her brothers and father some time before, but today's coup was acquiring her mother's reluctant acceptance. That was the key that let her set out...

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Foot Fetish Fridays Ch. 05

More foot fun with Starla and her little sister at a wedding.

Business increased as the holidays approached. At my receptionist desk, I was busy from the time I walked in until I finished. Even though I was a young, fresh-out-of-college 24 year old, I was tired when I left the internet fashion company. The girls I worked with, Tina and Starla, were equally as busy and we all had little time to foot tease our 32 year old IT guy named AJ. Sure, we let our...

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A mature man gets an offer he simply can't refuse.

This is the next story in my admittedly slowly-developing quest to write at least one story in every Literotica category. All the characters are aged over 18 and all are fictional. Although the story is completely made up, this one just seemed to work best as a first person narrative. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will vote and comment either publicly or via email. ****...

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Fun and Games for John Pt. 02

Marriage adds a new aspect to John's adventures.

This is part two of a three-part story. Please read part one first. * "You want to do what?" her sister Barbara exclaimed. "Go to your next party." "Jill, this isn't spin-the-bottle fun games. Maybe you didn't understand: everyone fucks everyone. Only one time that I can remember someone came and didn't join in. And the next time she did. You prepared to do that? I...

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