'voyeurism' stories

Massage Therapy Ch. 03

Life takes a dark turn for Sarah.

Sarah skipped down the stair and grabbed the orange juice from the fridge. She glanced at the clock. It was almost 11; her mom would be at the spa. Luxuriously, she stretched, unable to keep the smile off her face. The summer had been the best ever. She had made a comfortable sum of money for school. Her mom had calmed down after their double session with Rick. And Doug... yeah, things with...

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Sharing Jill Ch. 04

Jill is the life of the party.

This is the fourth chapter of a story I am writing for a follower who fantasizes about watching his wife have sex with other men. I wanted to give a little background for those who haven't read the first three chapters. Jill is in her early 30's and is a shy, modest, Asian-American woman who is petite in stature but extremely sexy. In the previous chapters she has gone from having sex with their...

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Investing Time Ch. 03

Brian opens up about his past and plans for the future.

This story is a continuation of Counting Pennies by Vix Giovanni. Please be advised this story is part of a series with incest content. This is fiction. All characters are over 18. All rights are reserved. "No worries, bruh. Um. Let me call you back in, like, five, cool?" My phone rang about a minute later with a 646 number I didn't recognize. But I answered right away in case it was...

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My Aunt Had a Threesome

I happened to watch my aunt having fun with her neighbors.

Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content. * Some time ago my job required me to temporarily move to another town. It happened to be the hometown of my aunt Karen and so she was kind enough to help me find an apartment for my stay. Sometimes after work, I stopped by at her place for a coffee and a chat. Aunt Karen was 42 at the time and has always been...

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Path to Graduation Ch. 01

Young couple start to explore their kinks with some help.

I was running late as I made my way across campus. Luckily my room was on the ground floor so I could nip in and grab the book I had forgotten for my next class. My girlfriend had been feeling a bit unwell so skipped the classes this morning asking if she could stay in my room rather than make her way back to her own block. As I got to the exterior door I patted my pockets and realised...

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Perving on Natalie's Knickers

Fixated by my foster sister's panties.

_INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - Growing up in Melbourne, Australia in the 1980s Justin and his younger brother Clint often wish they had a sister, a wish that comes true when their parents decide to foster Natalie, a girl from a troubled family who has ended up in the foster care system. For years everything goes just fine, until Christmas 1989 when the now 18-year-old Justin develops a massive...

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You see the strangest things through a bedroom window.

Tommy Lawrie leaned back against the tree and took a long drag on his cigarette. The ember glowed brightly in the darkness, illuminating his jowled face and lopsided spectacles. She's late getting home tonight, he thought. He'd gotten used to her normal hours. Usually he could predict her movements pretty well. Where would she have gone tonight? he wondered. There were, to be sure,...

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Slutty Ever After

Gracie gives Prince Charming a wedding present.

"Not everyone gets to be the hero of the story, Gracie," her mother took the book out of her hands, closing it as she placed it down on the counter next to her. "Someone needs to be the sidekick, or the villain, or the townsfolk singing harmony in the background." Gracie cocked an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? Which one of those am I?" "None of them. You're the girl who serves the beer. Table...

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Fun on a Train Pt. 01

Wife meets two strangers on a train.

I had been down to Edinburgh for an interview at the bank in respect to a possible promotion. The interview had gone well and I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I boarded the train back to Inverness. The train was packed and my seat was right at the back, opposite the luggage rack. I was sitting by the window with my back to the direction of travel, but at least had a table in...

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Lady Croft: College Etiquette

Misunderstandings lead to son seeing Mom VERY compromised.

Author's Note: All characters in this story at are least 18 years of age, and, even in role play, are "playing" characters at least 18 years of age. * She wasn't sure exactly how things got so out of control so fast. But if she had to blame something, it would be etiquette. The set-up was simple enough, her Son's frat had sent an invitation to her house, because he never updated...

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I Bet It Could Pt. 01

Husband and wife start explore a sharing fantasy.

_WARNING: You might not be the right audience for this story. I originally wrote this to share only with my wife, however I thought maybe someone else would appreciate the very slow approach that she and I are taking to exploring this fantasy. If you're looking for some immediate, hot sex scenes you'll be disappointed. There is some sex, especially in Part 3, but it only makes sense (given my...

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Editing Reailty Book 1, Chapter 15: Ripples of Change

Becky and her mother wake up her father using their busty tits!

Editing Reality Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Fifteen: Ripples of Change By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. James Davis Mom was home from her trip to Vegas. I could hear my sisters squealing in delight. They were going to have an orgy I bet. Dad was a lucky guy. I glanced back at my own two girls sitting on my bed, Ruri flipping...

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Model Neighbors Ch. 07

Jason and Julie flaunt their affair at the gala.

Author's note: This story features a wife having brazen sex outside of her marriage with her husband's encouragement and enjoyment. If you're looking for revenge or remorse, look elsewhere. This is also the last planned chapter of Model Neighbors. ** "Come on, I know Mike agrees with me," Erin said after taking a sip of wine. She was hanging out with Julie and Mike, again...

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What about a vacation with you in another younger person's mind?

No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. RENT-A-MIND: Very late on a weekend night, actually very early in the morning, there is gathering of the twelve key management types of DUOMENTALITIES called by the new CEO, Miss Wilson. She is assumedly the young daughter of the previous CEO, Mr. Wilson (no first name regularly used.) Although, because of the continued very striking...

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New Neighbors... New Adventures Ch. 03

New Neighbors, New Adventures Part 3 of the story.

I woke up in the morning with a hard on. I opened my eyes and saw my wife still asleep. I slipped out of bed quietly and went down stairs to make coffee and start breakfast. I wanted to do some "positive reinforcement" for everything that happened last night. As the coffee pot churned and sputtered, I heard the toilet flush upstairs. I started some eggs and sausage and acted like I...

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First Foursome Ch. 02

Bisexual couples no holds barred weekend with another couple.

I stirred in the bed, hearing the shower start. As I roll over to fall back asleep, the sound of quick footsteps catches my attention, and I turn to look in the direction. "BABY," Jamie yells happily, taking one more step and jumping, frog style, on to me. I bearhug her in the blankets separating our naked bodies. Swishing her hair out of her face, she plants her juicy lips on mine. I...

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One More from the Attic Pt. 02

Daniel's parents drop a bombshell.

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. This installment ran longer than I had anticipated. Because I thought it was really too long for a Literotica short story, I wound up...

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Watching Jessie at the Hotel

Once innocent Jessie can't stop from going way too far.

This is a continuation of the story Watching Jessie (glory hole). * By the time I got Jessie dressed to leave the glory hole booth another cock appeared through the hole in the wall. Jessie wasn't about to leave it there. Jessie promised that she just wanted to practice her sucking skills. Jessie knelt down in front of the cock and began kissing and stroking it. As the cock...

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The Cop in the Bathroom Closet

Cop in closet watches his daughter's BFF using the bathroom.

_INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - Tim is a veteran police officer and a good husband and father who lives with his wife Brooke and their teenage son Josh and daughter Candice in an ordinary suburban house in Auckland, New Zealand. Tim's sexual interests are simple - he enjoys straight heterosexual sex with his beautiful wife, and seems to have no fetishes or perversions. But one seemingly...

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Tara: Trophy Wife Life: Part 1

Tara will do anything to keep her kushy lifestyle... even if she is blackmailed by her neighbour for sexual favors.

Tara and Steve had been married a year now. They met at the hospital where he worked as a doctor and she as a temp in the secretary pool. She was terrible at her job. It was embarrassing. Her Neo-Nazi of an administration boss Oksana made her life a nightmare. She had yelled at Tara on no less than seven separate occasions about mislabeling and misplacing files. It was in front of other coworkers...

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One More from the Attic Pt. 01

Daniel leaves for college, but the cameras are still rolling.

_The Usual Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. All characters featured in sexual situations are over 18. The characters in these stories are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons living, dead or undead is purely coincidental. Do not try this at home. This is the third chapter of the story that began with Into the Attic. In that story, Daniel used the cover of replacing the old...

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Paige Ch. 23: PAPARAZZI

"Dear Diary...I get to be a Hustler honey. It sounds sticky."

"Wake your ass up." Lonnie Turner crept into his daughter's bedroom as she lay nude atop her covers, her rose colored pedestal fan blowing over her succulent body. It had turned out to be a warm night last evening. A hard swat on the ass, she yelps jumping into a defensive roll, feet poised to kick at him. "DON'T DO THAT." She stares up at him fearfully. "That was mean." "Damn! The...

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A Cruel Trick

Did she go too far and end her marriage?

After I decided to polish this old story up for the April Fools contest, I decided to submit a quick one first, which involved absurd attempt at a prank ("Not the Call He was Expecting"). This one is longer, definitely more realistic, and somber, but the criteria of the contest didn't say funny or happy -- just involving a deception, which there is more than enough of in this tale. Again, this is...

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Bus Girl - Late for Work

Bus Girl succumbs to newly discovered impulses.

Author's note: Late For Work, is the prelude to Bus Girl. An anonymous commenter requested Bus Girl's point of view. I'm not a grandpa but I have one who would have scolded me. * I'm twenty-four years old and had never dared to leave the house without wearing panties. This morning when I opened my underwear drawer, I found only clean socks and bras. Barefoot and bottomless, I...

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Spying on My Girlfriend

A man spies on his girlfriend as she cheats with her student.

EVERY CHARACTER IS OVER 18 YEARS OLD "Which bathing suit should I pack?" my girlfriend Lori asked. I stuck my head out of the bathroom. In one hand she held a modest one piece bathing suit and in the other she had what could only be described as a bikini. I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sure your students would love that one," I said as I pointed to the bikini. "You have no idea how...

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My Wife Is A Slut

My wife's true story about her first time. Fuck, it makes me cum just thinking about it!

My wife is a slut Teasing each other has always been a part of pillow talk for my wife and I. Sarah has always liked dirty talk and I don't mind to oblige her. Recently she discovered how much I like it when she talks about other men. I get jealous but I like to listen to her voice as we pleasure each other. Nothing quite as sexy as her eye contact while she strokes my cock and tells me about...

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Sadie Outlaw Ch. 02: TEXAS FOLDEM

"Spaghetti Western my ass. Not enough sauce for my appetite."

"Time to wake up Sadie." Slapping herself in the face repeatedly shocked her as much as the strange scenery before her. Every single impact of her palm upon her face was barely felt. In her thoughts Sadie Outlaw had to still be dreaming. So where was her long list of dream lovers then? There was no way this could be possible, right? Time travel was only in bad sci fi movies. These assholes at...

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"Amateur Night"

A young woman is surprised by a 'pole'-arizing event.

"Here. You're wearing these tonight." I jump, not expecting to hear your voice, push the shower curtain aside slightly, and see the outfit you're holding up, stockings & panties included. "But Daddy...I already had an outfit..." "Shhh. Daddy has a special night planned and he wants his beautiful princess to dress the part. Let Daddy know when you're ready, Princess." I let out...

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Steam Room Mishap

Embarrassing ordeal at the gym.

I had recently joined a fancy new gym near the office and I was excited to test out all of the facilities. Everything seemed to be state of the art and very modern. After a tough workout I decided I would treat myself to some relaxation in the steam room that was attached to the men's locker room. A quick stop at my locker, where I stripped off my clothes and secured my phone and wallet, and...

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The Joy of Sex in Public

Our intrepid little exhibitionist club takes it to a new level.

_Author's Note: This story can stand on its own, but the characters and plot will make more sense to you if you read the previous 2 stories, "Erotic Surprise in the Park", and "My Voyeur Love Returns", in that order. I probably should have given each story the same title, with chapter numbers after each, as so many Literotica writers do. But I didn't originally think this would be an ongoing tale....

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