'wife' stories

A Hospitable Gesture Ch. 01

A housewife is convinced to lend a helping hand to a guest.

As I got out of the hot tub, Josh asked if it would be ok if he could stay in a little longer. I told him to enjoy as long as he wanted and gave some quick instructions on how to shut the jets off and put the lid down. My wife had climbed out ahead of me and was starting to dry her body with a towel when I looked back to remind him how to turn off the decorative lights hanging nearby. I did a...

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Husband's So-Called Friend

Forced to comply by husband's friend.

When my husband's old college buddy Chris showed up at the door, I should have known there would be trouble. He walked in like he owned the place and his cocky attitude progressed from there. Even though they hadn't seen each other in 15 years and hadn't stayed in touch at all, Chris acted like they were best friends. But every time my husband wasn't looking, he blatantly looked me up and down as...

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The Officer's Temptation Ch. 05

Marlowe finds himself thinking more than he would like.

Author's note to readers: There are no erotic scenes in this section of the story, so if that is what you are looking for, try an older installment or wait until the next one! Thanks for reading! *** Marlowe could feel his heart banging in his chest. Its rhythm was as quick and uneven as a horse's gallop. The darkness pressed all around him, consumed his sight. He sensed Arabella near...

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Exploitable Lust Pt. 09

Family away for weekend, wife gets naughty.

_Author's Note: Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I first want to apologize for the long gaps between chapters. I tend to write these stories in spurts, and often take my time to get the proper inspiration. I hope you enjoy this one just as much as all my others. Fear not, I will continue this storyline as well as my others still in progress. I hope to soon be incorporating some...

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Deb's Adventure

Wife experiences others with hub watching.

It had been awhile since Tony and Deb last went out. He knew how much she liked to expose herself. She was an exhibitionist at heart. The last time out Deb had worn a short skirt that revealed a lot of leg. Her cum fuck me boots initially got the guys attention but then when she sat down and that skirt rode up her legs, he knew that she would be fully exposed before the night was over. Tony...

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Handjob Club Pt. 01

A group of wives have a naughty secret.

With a group of wives we were discussing our husbands. (Believe me boys, you don't know how much we girls share about you!) The subject turned to handjobs: don't the men love them? Some of us had a regular night, some used it as a treat; some used it to stop being bothered, especially during periods. Some said it was boring, some said they loved doing it, and all agreed it was funny. I should...

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With Malice Aforethought Ch. 01

Man speaks with wife's lover.

Just a quick flash story to get my feet wet with the process of posting here. All the usual restrictions apply. Copyright 2018. I am not thrilled with how it ends but I decided to post anyway. It could still use some polishing. No sex in this one. Let me know what you think and if I should continue with my other stories. * I was used to sitting in the dark. I had...

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My First Hotwife

My first experience with an incredibly sexy hotwife.

When I was in my late 20's I had an incredible experience. At that time I really didn't know about things like cuckold, or hotwife. At that point in my life I was very good at the more vanilla sexual acts. I had experienced a threesome. I had experienced public sex. I had tried almost every sexual position I could think of. I had experienced some taboo type things like hooking up with married...

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Karyn's Summer Vacation Ch. 05

Karyn helps the landscapers.

After a few days, a crew came to the house to do some work. When Karyn saw them, she was not thinking about any adventures that day. There were 6 of them, the 2 bosses, in their 40s, and 4 laborers, all in their mid 20s. Through the day, Karyn would take out cold drinks as it was hot. She learned the 4 laborers were all doing graduate work towards their engineering masters next month. One of them...

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Dog Door and the Lawn Man!

Wife tries being a hotwife with the lawn man.

About two months ago I got a call from a coworker asking me to go check up on his wife. James started with our company about six months ago. We have become good friends. His office is down the hall from mine. He also lives in the same neighborhood as I do. It's a gated subdivision with maybe 30 homes. James is married and has three kids. His wife, Erica is a sexy blond who is in her mid to late...

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The Dark Stone Pt. 06

A strange rock changes Sam and the women around him.

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy. * "Everything happened so fast." Lakshmi sat across the table from Joyce. She cradled her hot mug of coffee between her hands. The warmth radiated through her fingers. Such a familiar sensation....

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The Insurance Claim

Husband away too much or just the inner slut waking up?

Cindy lay on the bed staring at the ceiling and wondering what had come over her lately and how she had let her life undergo such massive change. The days had been normal days, or as normal as days had been for her. Up at six, get the kids up and ready for school and then start breakfast for the kids and her husband Tom. See the kids off for school and Tom off to work, wash the breakfast dishes,...

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He Gets His, She Gets Hers

Wife brings out the dom side in husband, but find out how.

It was in the fall of 2007 when Tim and I first met. I was in my last year of college sitting on a campus bench fiddling with my lighter when a dark haired man closely resembling Johnny Depp sat down beside me reaching out with a light. After lighting my cigarette I gave him the expected response of "thanks". I had noticed this strikingly handsome man glancing at me many times before on my smoke...

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Chez Femme

What would you do if you discovered your wife in a brothel?

If your wife, the love of your life, decided you weren't enough for her and went to work in a brothel, what would you do? Find another wife who would be satisfied with two or three orgasms a night or would you try to win her back? ******** Though he usually slept in, this Friday he rose early to catch Joanne before she left for work. "I love your book club."...

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I am a Conflicted Woman

A woman has second thoughts about her 6 year affair. Or does she?

I am Amy Pierce, a 43 year old cheating wife. I have been married and to my husband who is 46 for the past 19 years. I am the last person anyone would ever think would cheat on her husband and George, my wonderful thoughtful man is the last husband that any wife in her right mind would cheat on. I love George and want to spend the rest of my life with him. George is a yes man. He treats me like a...

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The Cuckquean Dream

A cheating wife becomes witness to her husband's revenge.

Vicky admired the rippling mountain of muscle directly above and in front of her as masculine hands pushed her ankles up higher, and then higher yet again. Behind him she could see the ceiling of her living room high above, her back on a sturdy long coffee table. His low, resonant voice spoke plainly "Does that feel good? Can you take more of it?" "Oh yeah, give me more." she replied,...

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The River Pt. 02

Tricked wife fucked up the ass by her brother.

While I am sure no one will believe this, this is a true story, it happened many years ago, and all the people involved were much more than legal age, in fact no one was less than 40 years old. The only real reason I am even writing this down, is that my wife and I spent many many years as swingers and had lots of great adventures, now I am old and in very poor health and she has passed away,...

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The Roommate Ch. 02

The day after.

We didn't see Jason the rest of the night. He retreated to his bedroom as did we. Dana was still coming down from the powerful orgasms that Jason's thick cock had given her. Her large tits swayed gently in the moonlight as we entered the room. "Oh my god baby, what did we just do?" she asked with a combination of astonishment and worry. "Well, I think you just got fucked by the biggest...

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Secret Cove Ch. 02

Jim and Tracy continue the new experiences later that evening.

The elevator door opened on the top floor of the La Valencia Hotel and my wife and I both staggered a little, laughing as we tripped into the wide corridor and stumbled arm in arm to our ocean-front room. It took me a minute to get the key card to work as my wife Tracy tugged at my side and giggled, "Hurry up! I've gotta pee!" quietly in my ear. The lock clicked, we tumbled into the...

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Saturday Night Cuckold

Wife Cuckolding Husband.

My whole world changed one Saturday night. When I woke up that morning, it appeared to be typical, but little did I know I'd be in for the experience of my lifetime that same night. ** A little backstory. My wife, Amy, was a very hot wife, but she dressed very conservatively. She had 34D tits, but never wore shirts that showed off even the tiniest peek of her cleavage. I...

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A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 03 Ch. 28

First day of the shoot.

_Standard disclaimers. This is a story about sexual exploration and, open relationships. Open relationships can and do happily exist; but they are not for everyone. If you do not believe it is at all possible for open relationships to exist without damage to any and all involved parties, please do yourself a favor and don't waste your time reading this. . Also, this story takes...

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Away Wife at Christmas

A time for sharing - my wife.

(This takes place within the story "Away Wife" and is the husband's account.) *** I had never been so excited about Christmas since I was a small boy, possibly even more than then. It was going to be a very special one for me and my wife. She was going to be fucked every night by a black man with a big cock! (And I would certainly be fucking her too.) It started when she met...

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Wife Exploited by Husband

Wife is unwittingly exploited by husband.

_This is more a prequel than a sequel, and as I tell the story perhaps it will become more understandable as to why there has been so much time lapsed from the original chapter. As an aside, this segment has nothing to do with male submission. It is all about my wife's submission. This is more a catharsis than a story to entertain. I welcome feedback on writing style, but the story stands as it...

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Two Down the Tubes

A snapshot of two marriages.

After four decades together you would think that life had fallen into the pattern that would take you to the end of your days and you could look forward to leaving this world in the comfort of your beloved's arms. Believe me when I tell you that it comes as a shock when you find out that it isn't going to be that way. I met Ida at a very difficult time in my life. My wife of seven years was...

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My Wife Lori and a Co-Worker

My wife Lori has a date with a co-worker.

The first thing I want to say is that I have an outstanding marriage to a beautiful, sexy, and loving wife. I love her, and, I know that she is deeply in love with me. I guess that may surprise some people, considering the events that occurred last year. As I said, my wife Lori is beautiful and sexy. At 31, to me she looks exactly as she did in college where I met her. She was the girlfriend...

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Secret Cove

A proper wife finds a new side to herself on a trip.

The Hotel Valencia was a perfect beach resort. Nestled on a private cove less than an hour south of Puerta Vallarta, it had all the amenities and fine dining of the most luxurious resorts in Europe. When you added the clear turquoise ocean water that was spread out below our ocean view suite, it was paradise. The flight from the Dallas had only taken a few hours and being in the same time...

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The Adventure of a Lifetime Ch. 01

Chris and Lilly had a humble life until they won the lotto.

Hello dear reader, This is chapter one of a multi chapter storyline which details the adventures and sexual discoveries of Lilly and her husband Chris. Different chapters changes styles, locations, genre and swap between their points of view. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did writing it, Chris. * This is a story about discovery, about love and about an...

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No Such Thing as a Little Betrayal

Sometimes you are blinded by what you want to see.

_This flash story resulted from an anon, JoAnne, requesting a particular train of thought. Her selfie convinced me to put her idea into play. For my followers who like BTB stories, hit the backspace key NOW! You're still here??? Look! Over there! Squirrel!! Please read my profile for my stance on feedback. Feel free to email suggestions or start a conversation. Private messages work...

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Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

Marsha has a surprise or two for her fiance.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha Just a quick, fun little story... I had a couple versions of this rattling around in my mind and decided to go with this one. I know some of the critics will probably go bananas with the direction of the story, but I decided to have a bit of fun with it. Enjoy, and as always, thank you for your comments and feedback. The drill instructor stood in front of his...

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A Difficult Day in the Saddle

Horseback ride proves distracting on their anniversary.

The gentle rocking of the horse was beginning to make me horny. Perhaps it was the view of the cowboy leading us on our little adventure in Northern Arizona. His broad back going down in a V to his narrow waist, strong arms confidently guiding our small procession through the trails. I imagined what he looked like without his shirt on and I barely held back a moan as the saddle jolted a bit, my...

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